Definition: Something that deviates from something that is standard, normal or expected.

I've been involved in some unusual projects over the years. I needed to figure out a category and decided against "Freak Show".

I painted three of these motorcycles for a movie called "Biker Boys". It was Kid Rock's bike.  (Character's name Dog)

The reason for three bikes was because of what happened during the filming of Easy Rider. Half way through filming Peter Fonda's motorcycle was stolen and production shut down while they made another bike.

I did this before there was digital printing. The only translucent paint available was a material called Lacril that had to be sprayed. Probably the most toxic substance I've ever used and I didn't have the best ventilation in my shop.  Even wearing a respirator I got high as a kite. (and not in a good way) After this I swore to never use the paint again. It was up for a couple years when the 1994 earthquake caused the sign to fall off the building.

I typically won't work for psychic's. (Sorry psychics)

I predict they wont pay me.

But...sometimes I do it because it's fun.

A rather iconic image. Some friends owned a print shop next door. When I was telling someone how to get to the print shop all I'd have to say was "It's next to the big cow playing a guitar." Everyone knew where that was.

I created this prop for a mafia themed play.

The story line was about the son of a mafia don wanting to build a restaurant and goes to one of his fathers rivals for the money.

A fun show that had a run at the Met Theater in Hollywood. 

Village Gourmet

I painted this store front in the

Tujunga Village about twenty years ago. It involve the mural work as well as the sculpted letters. The store is still thriving. They make an incredible sandwich using ciabatta bread and I occasionally stop in and grab one when I'm in the neighborhood. I've been watching the work I did to see how it's holding up and after twenty years it still looks great.